About ChinaTimelapse

ChinaTimelapse is China’s leading time-lapse specialist. Our team have a decade’s experience shooting creative time-lapse for film and television as well as large-scale and legacy construction projects.

Our custom designed BlackBox set-up means we can provide high-definition time-lapse footage of construction projects, covering periods from anything from a day or so, up to several years. And our unique Live View system allows remote monitoring of the site for security and PR purposes from your laptop, tablet or phone.

As well as bespoke projects we have a wide range of our own stock footage from around China and beyond available for purchase and use in commercials, TV and film. And our international crew, and high quality equipment are available for commission for shorter projects.

Our film division, LP Films, also produces long-form videos and documentaries about large-scale construction and corporate projects for major clients, as well as broadcasters such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel.