BlackBox Logo

  • Durable weather-proof shell

  • High definition camera and lens

  • Wide, panorama and 360 degree views

  • Active 24 hours a day

  • Built-in Wi-Fi / 3G for Live View monitoring

  • Easy to install


The BlackBox


BlackBox can upload images through Wi-Fi or 3G permitting online Live View of your site’s progress.

Backed Up

Onsite and online backup ensures a permanent record of your project.

Fully Powered

BlackBox can be powered by mains, solar or wind.

Safe & Secure

Our cameras are professionally mounted with no trailing wires.


BlackBox can be installed on almost any site, from the side of a building to the top of a bridge. In cooperation with our partners we can even build you a time-lapse tower giving you the perfect vantage point over your project.

Live View

Our proprietary Live View system allows you to monitor the latest images captured by BlackBox. We can install Live View on your website or develop a new website especially for it.

  • Monitor progress with Live View on any internet-connected device
  • Also watch the latest time-lapse videos online
  • Check site progress, security and weather conditions
  • Full HD time-lapse outputs for marketing and PR use