Our latest showreel was shot in locations around China including Shanghai, Lijiang, Yangshuo, Tibet, Beijing, Xinjiang and Hong Kong. As well as abroad in Nepal, Japan and Norway.



[videojs height=”227″ width=”455″ mp4=”http://www.chinatimelapse.com/wp-content/uploads/Videos/Creative%20Shorts/Crossed%20Line%20405p.mp4″ poster=”http://www.chinatimelapse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/cross-line-big.jpg”] 

Crossed Line

Crossed Line is a short film featuring black and white time-lapse shot around Shanghai. It was made with the support of the New York band The Books, whose track ‘Thirty Incoming’ was the inspiration behind the film.

Crossed Line Laurels


Himalaya Time-lapse

In 2012, our senior photographer Liu Jia spent a month travelling Nepal. He shot this beautiful time-lapse in the Himalayan mountain range on a journey to Everest base camp.

lauers for himalaya2

[videojs height=”227″ width=”455″ mp4=”http://www.chinatimelapse.com/wp-content/uploads/Videos/Creative%20Shorts/Himalaya%20Time-lapse%20405p.mp4″ poster=”http://www.chinatimelapse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/himalaya-big.jpg”]


I Spy A City

Our film is a meditation on a city, viewed from far above. The effect is to take something that we feel we understand, and view it through a new and utterly different lens. In the poem that overlays the film, we imagine this lens is shared by a couple in love, seeing the world this way for the first time, so that their sharing of the city is a part of their love, in all its mystery. And we wonder, is love too outside of their control?

Chronos Film Festival Small